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Hello all Penangites! ๐Ÿ‘‹
LovePENANG Street Food Competition officially is in full swing now! ๐Ÿœ

With the purpose of appreciating our local street food operators, encouraging activity and promoting our proud food heritage, we need YOU to be part of it! ๐Ÿ˜‹

You stand a chance to win ๐Ÿ’ต daily rewards RM10 eWallet, ๐Ÿ’ฐ weekly rewards RM50 eWallet or the ๐Ÿ† Grand Prize for voters RM2,000 Cash.

Only votes with the LovePENANG App are eligible for rewards.
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What is the LovePENANG Street Food Competition about?

Join in the fun, vote your favourite street food stalls to be the best in its category! No matter our gender, race or creed, we speak the same language through our tastebuds. Penang is famous for its diverse and delicious street cuisine, something every Penangite is infinitely proud of!

The LovePENANG Street Food Competition is the first large scale street food competition held. With the purpose of appreciating our local hawkers and encouraging our proud food heritage, it is a competition where you rate or vote stalls you patronise. The stall with the highest number of points in its category, wins!

Come join this competition today and YOU could stand a chance to win rewards, including a handsome cash prize of RM2,000 for the Top Voter! (only those participating using the LovePENANG App will accumulate points for votes and fun assignments).

The competition starts on September 20, 12PM. Check out our simple voting steps below. How to Vote for your favourite street food stall or any stall you patronise?

  1. Spot these QR Codes at your participating stalls
  2. Find this button in the App to scan QR Codes.
  3. After scanning the QR Code, it will lead you to the voting page.
  4. Check if the details of the hawker stall is correct.
  5. Rate your favourite stall (1-5 stars, with the best rating at 5 stars).
  6. Click submit and your rating is now recorded.
Voting can be done without the LovePENANG App, just use your smartphone to scan the QR Code and follow the instructions. However, to accumulate points and be eligible for rewards and prizes, download and participate through the LovePENANG App.

Who are eligible to participate?

Any individual, resident in Malaysia or otherwise may participate in the rating/voting. There is no restriction.

Street Food Operators

  1. Traditionally and in practice, known as street food operating in the streets of Penang (island and/or mainland) from static stalls or carts, or in eateries like coffeeshops, food courts or dedicated premises or from a mobile platform like a mobile cart, food truck or van, etc;
  2. Must not be a restaurant, cafรฉ, canteen or food stalls in a mall;
  3. Must have a valid hawker license or similar license issued by MBPP (Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang) or MBSP (Majlis Bandaraya Seberang Perai).


Categories of street food are generally iconic or unique to Penang with at least 50 stalls state-wide.

  1. Char Koay Teow
  2. Laksa
  3. Mee Goreng/Mee Rebus
  4. Hokkien Mee/Lor Mee
  5. Curry Mee
  6. Koay Teow Th'ng
  7. Wan Tan Mee
  8. Char Hor Fun
  9. Other Rice
  10. Nasi Kandar
  11. Nasi Melayu/Nasi Tomato
  12. Nasi Lemak
  13. Roti - All types
  14. Pasembur
  15. Mee Sotong/Ketam/Udang
  16. Chee Cheong Fun
  17. Lor Bak
  18. Poh Piah

  1. Snacks/Tidbits
  2. Other Food
  3. Desserts
Vote now to collect points and stand a chance to claim rewards!

  • Rewards will only be available by voting and using the LovePENANG App.
  • Points are only given for voting and other fun assignments.
  • Accumulated points can be viewed through the LovePENANG App under โ€œProfileโ€.

Term & Conditions